There are situations where the exact fee for a particular service cannot be determined until after the service has been completed, in these situations the method used with a credit card is called a pre-authorization.

Pre-authorization is used to verify that the credit card in use is valid. During this process, the credit card system contacts your bank and asks it to reserve a certain amount to be used when the requested service is completed. This amount, although not a real charge, may appear on your credit card statement as a pending charge. When the fee is finalized, your card is charged and the money is taken from the reserved (pre-authorized) amount.

We are not responsible for how your bank handles these pre-authorizations when you use a credit card. Your bank may hold the pre-authorization for a number of days, and you may not have access to that amount. Be advised, it is not us, but your bank that is holding the money. We are not responsible for any loss that you may incur because of your bank's policy regarding the hold on a preauthorization.

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