Thursday March 22, 2018

Account Holder Fees

September 16, 2016

To Our Valued Clients:

NEW FEE SCHEDULE - Effective October 3, 2016

For over 47 years, West Coast Title Search has proudly served B.C.’s legal profession with pride and distinction. We are also proud to be the largest, wholly BC owned and operated Registry agent and Process Serving company.

Whether it’s in Process Serving, Court, Land, Corporate or any of the over 200 registries at which we attend, West Coast’s commitment to you remains the same: professional, accurate, dependable service which you can rely upon to save time and make your job easier. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff are a proven resource for you, our clients.

The 2016 fee schedule includes our free run service for local clients, with no fuel surcharges, designed to accommodate registry hours and varying work volumes. Although some fees have been increased, other fees have been reduced (our email only fee is now a nominal $3.00) and some fees remain unchanged. In addition, West Coast is pleased to provide memorandum updates, precedents and regular newsletters to keep you on top of changes in registry practice at no additional cost.

We are a service-oriented firm and we will do everything possible to meet your specific needs. We have never had a claim against our professional liability insurance since our founding in 1969. Please note, Our Terms and Conditions and Limitations of Liability have changed.

Flat Rate Process Serving PlanTM We provide process serving services for a predictable up-front fee that includes up to eight (8) attempts with no mileage fees. This will result in a successful service or sufficient information for an Affidavit of Attempted Service. If requested, we will do an additional four (4) attempts for half the flat rate fee.

If you have a particular file that you have already quoted, based upon our 2015 fee schedule, please tell us. We will be pleased to bill our 2015 fees for you until October 31, 2016.

We greatly appreciate your continuing patronage.

Thank you for choosing West Coast!